Carriage Driving Safety
Harnessing – OVCC Safety Guidelines

Sallie Walrond; Starting to Drive: Threshold Picture Guide (Carole Vincer, Illustrator)
Driving a Harness Horse
Breaking a Horse to Harness
Robyn Caffey; The Essential Guide to Carriage Driving (with Jaye-Allison Winkel Caffey)

Video resources:
Introduction to the Sport of Carriage Driving
Carriage Driving-Basic Driving I – 5, from the British Driving Society
Carriage Driving – Basic Driving 1
Carriage Driving – Basic Driving 2
Carriage Driving – Basic Driving 3
Carriage Driving – Basic Driving 4
Carriage Driving – Basic Driving 5

Other resources:
American Driving Society ( ) is currently developing their safety guidelines for Recreational Driving. They do offer valuable checklists on their website, such as a Pre-Drive Checklist for equipment safety, Safety Checklist.pdf

Pre-Competition Checklist for Combined Driving participants Checklist.pdf

Form for reporting incidents or accidents.

British Driving Society ( ) encourages formal training in driving skills, and has developed Competency Tests to determine skills levels

Carriage Association of America, Drive Smartly–Drive Safely (handbook)

CAA ( is located at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY, and is currently offering training and assessment of driving skills; members may access their extensive library of vintage driving and carriage restoration books; new books and other print resources are available in the CAA gift shop

North West Driving Club website
includes extensive safety information)

United States Equestrian Federation website
includes Driving Competition Accident Guidelines

Sample Accident Preparedness Plans

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